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Featured article from: Issue #2, 2016


”I love the dozens and hundreds of islands and island restaurants, canals and bridges of Helsinki. It is the northernmost Venice of the world. As the sea freezes over in the winter you can walk on it. It’s always a magical moment in Helsinki.

The bicycle is my vehicle, I ride throughout the year. In the winter I have winter tyres. I usually take a route through Lauttasaari, Lehtisaari and Kuusisaari. I don’t know where to find a more wonderful landscape. The tram is my other favourite, it is so romantic and wonderful.

Helsinki has a certain small town feel to it. It’s easy to meet new people as you always have common acquaintances. Perhaps you can’t ring up the president directly but everyone else you can.

I like to show Helsinki to my guests. The history of the city is still very visible. Everyone gets so excited when I tell them about the meaning of Hakaniemi Square in the history of the labour movement.

I think it’s great that people now admit how much they love the city. This is a really cool place. Welcome to Helsinki!”

Jani Leinonen is an artist living in Helsinki. He had a retrospective in Kiasma last year. Leinonen was photographed at his studio in Hernesaari.